2020 Taco Tour

2020 Taco Tour

Taco Tour 13 is back…different, revised, safe and still fun.

This year’s Tour, like so many other things is changed. Rather than a large single day event, the Tour will be over an entire month, with riders in small groups or solo, venturing as before to some of the best local taquerias to sample tacos.

What’s different? No registration, no prepayment cost, no ride guides.

What’s the same? Bikes, tacos, fun.


How will it work?

  • Bike Ypsi will supply the list of taquerias participating, their addresses, info on hours, and notes on their taco offerings (current as of Aug 19).
  • You ride to at least 6 taquerias during the month of September, and purchase one or more tacos at each. You can do them all in one visit or spread them out.
  • Snap pics of your adventures.
  • Vote for your favorite.


  1. You must ride a bike to the taquerias, no car transport.
  2. All visits must occur within the month of September, from the 1st to the 30th.
  3. You must buy (and eat) at least one taco at each stop.
  4. Document your visit with a picture, including you, the taco(s), and something bike-y. Please post to social media with the hashtags #TacoTour13 and #BikeYpsi.
  5. Vote onlinefor your favorite (we’ll ask you to post your best pic with your ballot). Link to ballot:


The first 70 people to accomplish the above and to vote via the on-line survey will receive a Taco Tour pint glass.

Please note: We are fortunate that these many businesses are still operating. Sadly, some have gone out of business. Please wear a mask when inside the business and please maintain safe distancing from other patrons. Tacos generally cost $2.50 to $3.50, depending on choice. Considering tipping well, when you can.  Let’s show our love for these hidden gems by patronizing them during these difficult times.


The locations:

  1. La Marqueza 1396 E Michigan Ave, Ypsi.  Corner of Michigan and Harris.  Vegetarian taco and many meat tacos.  Try their Al Pastor meat taco.   10am-10pm every day.
  2. La Torre Taqueria 1525 Washtenaw Ave, Ypsi.  Corner of Cornell and Washtenaw.  Vegetarian taco and many meat tacos.  Try their Carne Asada taco.   10am-6pm every day.
  3. Dos Hermanos Mercado 412 W. Michigan Ave, Ypsi.  Vegetarian tacos, either bean or cactus (nopales), chicken every day, full menu with Barbacoa (lamb, beef, or pork) on Fri-Sat-Sun.  Recommended is their weekend Barbacoa offering.  9am-9pm every day.
  4. Antonio’s Coney Island (and Honduran restaurant) 2896 Washtenaw, Ypsi. Fountain Square plaza, near Norton’s Florist.  Honduran and Mexican style tacos, minimum order of 3.  Chicken, plantain, pica yuca or Serrano (poblano pepper, corn, onion and beans) tacos. Tue-Fri 10a-7pm, Fri 9am-8pm, Sun 9am-6pm.
  5. Miny’s 2866 Washtenaw Ave Ypsi. Fountain Square Plaza. Has fish and shrimp tacos as well as traditional meat tacos, with a vegetarian taco as well. 11am to 7pm every day.
  6. TMAZ Taqueria 3182 Packard St, Ann Arbor. East of Platt.  Many meat and several vegetarian (mushrooms, black bean, or peppers) tacos. Mon-Sat 11am to 11pm. Closed Sunday.
  7. Chela’s Restaurant and Taqueria 695 S. Maple Rd, Ann Arbor. Many vegetarian (recommend the Rajas) and meat tacos. 10:30am to 9pm M-Sat, Sun 10:30-8pm.
  8. Taco King 2231 Liberty Rd, Ann Arbor.  Many vegetarian tacos (bean, potato, mushroom, veggies) and many meat tacos. Try the Churrasco. 10am-10pm every day.


Bike Ypsi Spring Challenge 2020

Bike Ypsi Spring Challenge 2020


We are shifting away from our usual spring ride format in this time of social distancing.  We still want to encourage you to get out on your bike, however, so we’ve designed this fun alternative:

BIKE YPSI Spring Challenge! Simply ride your bike to as many of the 30 checkpoints as you can during the month of May and receive our NEW ‘social distancing’ Bike Ypsi shirt at a special price. 


Sign up here!

Map of Checkpoints here!



  • event runs May 1 until May 31
  • ride a bicycle to the checkpoints (uni- and tri-cycles also acceptable)
  • take a selfie with your bike at the checkpoint
  • post your pic to Instagram, Twitter, and/or FB and with these tags:  @BikeYpsi  and  #BikeYpsiSpringChallenge2020
  • visit as many checkpoints as you can. Maps will be available online (FB and website) by May 1st
  • prizes (gift certificates to local businesses) will be awarded for creative participation 


Shirts will be delivered in early June. Register by May 10 to ensure your shirts/sizes.


Be Safe! Wear a helmet, observe traffic rules, and maintain social distance. Helmets required for riders under 16 (state law).


You can use one registration for multiple household/family members!