Who We Are

We hope to make Ypsi the most bicycle friendly city possible and to ride, ride, ride.

We are an all-volunteer community group. We have a rotating HUB that helps to publicize events and advocacy opportunities, but most of the “work” is done through a citizen wanting to plan an event and enlisting friends to help them do so!

The current hub as of May, 2017, is Georgina Hickey, Kristen Cuhran, and Ryan Jordan.

Want to add something to the Google Calendar? Plan a ride? Add a route to our archive page? Contact us at [email protected]

Connect with us on our Bike Ypsi Google Groups! Our list-serve is pretty low traffic, so your inbox won’t be clogged. It’s a great resource to connect, ask questions, and get answers. Sign up today!

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A Short History 

Bike Ypsi started in the summer of 2007 as a conversation regarding bicycle awareness between cyclists and law enforcement. These conversations soon exposed the need for an organization to advocate for Ypsilanti cyclists, promote awareness of cycling in Ypsi, and address issues important to cyclists. Georgina Hickey, William (Trey) Allen, Terry Carpenter, Andrew Claydon, Natalie Holbrook, Kristen Cuhran, & AmyLeigh and Ryan Johnson planned the 2007 Fall Ride and the rest is history. We began having rides and turn-out demonstrated the enthusiasm of cyclists in Ypsilanti and surrounding areas.


That was all we needed to continue, and since then we’ve organized weekly Sunday rides, monthly summer Saturday rides for beginning cyclists & families, Friday bike-to-work rides, many “odds and ends” rides (including: Taco Tour, Heavy Metal Ride, Cider and Doughnut Ride, MetroPark Rides, Ride of Silence, Bike to Work Day/Week, etc), a Fall ride every 2nd Sunday in October from the Corner Brewery (with dirt and road routes), and (our largest event) the Bike Ypsi Spring Ride and Festival every 2nd Sunday in May.


Bicycles and bicycling are important for so many reasons. We, Bike Ypsi, are a 100% volunteer community group in Ypsilanti Michigan. We operate under the mission that ANYONE can get on a bicycle- no fancy bikes, clothes, or gears needed. Bike Ypsi helps people learn how to ride safely, on the road, and in groups while having fun. So many people have helped by volunteering (leading rides, organizing rides, coming to organizing meeting, filling in the gaps on the day-of events, etc). THANK YOU to all!


We believe that riding a bike is good. Why? Because cycling moves your body and gets you outside in the fresh air. Because cycling for transportation means you aren’t using any fossil fuels (or too much $). Because cycling by yourself means you take time to be quiet. Because cycling with other people means you take time to talk and listen. Because you can tweet about it. See you, outside!