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Devil’s Night Eve Halloween Ride


Thursday, October 29th, 2015, 7pm
Corner Brewery, 720 Norris Street, Ypsilanti
Lets go for a spooky ride on the Border To Border Trail though some dark wooded sections! Headlight and rear light required. Ride will take around 45 minutes at a casual pace, and mostly using off-road paved paths but some street riding. Costumes not required but encouraged. Post ride socializing at the Corner Brewery.
Questions? Contact Bob at 734-487-9058 or

Annual General Meeting – Sun, Jan 17, 2016


For all Bike Ypsi members in good standing… (“good standing” meaning the basic membership requirements: Sign Up, Show Up, Do Something.)


We’ll be having a General Meeting in January to discuss Bike Ypsi business of the yearly, and long-view variety.  Over the past years some things have changed, and some have stayed the same. It’s good to have the chance to take a look around and see where we’re at.


– Not an event planning session, but events surely will be discussed.

– Not an organizational structure meeting, but organizational structure surely will be discussed.

– Not too long, but not too short.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

10:00 am

Location is Ladies’ Literary Club, 218 North Washington Street

Ride Of Silence – 2016

ROSWednesday, May 18th, 2016
Recreation Park (Oakwood at Congress) Ypsilanti
7:00 pm


Silent bicycle ride to commemorate bicyclists killed or injured while riding and part of a world-wide event urging everyone, cyclists and motorists, to “share the road”. Ride length of 9 miles at a relaxed pace taking approximately one hour. The Washtenaw County ride is in Ypsilanti and cosponsored by the Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society ( and Bike Ypsi (


The ride is free and open to the public. All participants are asked to wear a helmet and to obey all traffic laws, including stop signs and signals. For more information about the Ride Of Silence itself visit


For more information about the Ypsilanti Ride Of Silence visit the Bike-Bus-Walk Ypsilanti web page at and click on the “Ride Of Silence” tab. For further information you can contact Bob at 734-487-9058 or at

Cider and Donuts Ride – Oct 18, 2015

A seasonal favorite returns again in 2015: Cider and Donuts.
  • 25-mile roundtrip ride to Obstbaum Orchards, and a luxurious stop at the orchard for treats.
  • Out-and-back route, so we’ll roll out together as a group at 1pm,
  • Return as you like, at whatever pace or grouping appeals to you and your (potentially) cider-and-donut-filled belly.
  • Bring $ for treats at the orchard (and bags, if you plan to haul some home).
As always, with Bike Ypsi rides:
  • Helmets are strongly encouraged for everyone.
  • Helmets are required for riders under 16, including kids in trailers.
  • Minors should have an adult riding with them at all times.

This is a self-supported ride with no sag, so pump your tires up at home, bring water and, ideally, have a patch kit with you.

The route is 99% paved (the last 1/8 mile to the orchard is a dirt road, but smooth and totally road-bike-able)

We’ll ride rain or shine (within reason)




Taco Tour Ocho (results update)

A bit late, but since Taco Tour has become an institution, the results for 2015 stand forever.

170 riders, and the results are in:

  • Best vegetarian: Maiz.
  • Best meat: TMAZ
  • Best overall ( most 1st place votes all categories ) Fiesta Mexicana.

Thanks you to all of the restaurants that participated.  Thanks to everyone who came out, rode, volunteered, and just generally got their tacos on.  A special thanks goes out to TacoTom for his persistence, patience, and enthusiasm… in founding, maintaining, and keeping the warm, squishy, onions-and-cilantro garnished metaphorical heart of Taco Tour beating, year after year.

We’re loving all of the photos on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for sharing the taco tour love! Viva la taco.
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Fall Ride – Oct 11, 2015


Join us as we celebrate the changing of seasons with our annual Fall Ride, coming up on Sunday, Oct 11, 2015.

  • Depart from Corner Brewery (ok… “Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery”)
  • Rides start to roll at 1:00 pm, please give yourself whatever extra time you need to be ready.
    • 15 mile road ride
    • 30 mile road ride
    • 15-20 mile dirt road ride featuring the unpaved roads around our community.
  • Wheels In Motion will be joining us to make sure that your bike is ready to go.
  • Helmets strongly recommended for all riders and mandatory for those 16 and under, including kids in trailers.

As always, there will be plenty of time to hang out after the ride at the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. We look forward to seeing you there!



Back for its eighth year, Taco Tour rides again!  More rides, more challenges,  and more tacos await you this year!  As always, meat and vegetarian tacos available.
Date:  Sunday September 13 at 1:00 pm until 4-ish
Place: Arbor Brewing Microbrewery (formerly known as The Corner Brewery)
The rides:
Taco Tour “Townie”  a 6 mile ride visiting 3 taquerias, finishing at the Corner.
Included are 3 tacos, one commemorative pint glass and a beer at the Corner.
Cost $15. Designed for any level of rider. Plan for two and a half hours. (If small children are on the ride and will only eat tacos, then you can purchase tokens for them ($2 per taco token).
Taco Tour “Traditional”  a 17 mile ride visiting 7 taquerias, finishing at the Corner.
Included are 6 tacos, one lemonade en route, one commemorative pint glass and a beer at the Corner.
Cost $25. Our regular fun ride! Plan for three and a half hours.
Taco Tour “Torture”  a 30 mile ride visiting 8 taquerias, return to Corner.
Included are 8 tacos, lemonade en route, commemorative pint glass, and a beer at the Corner.  A ride to challenge both your legs and your stomach. Cost $30. Plan for four hours.
As before, you must mail a check made out to “Tom Lennon”. Include the following info, please!
Name of rider:
Ride: (Townie, Traditional, Torture)
Contact: address, phone or email
Meat, veggie or mix option. (for planning)
Deadline: September 4 or when capacity is reached. Cap is 150 riders on the traditional tour!!

Brewery to Brewery Brunch Ride

From Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery:
We’re teaming up with our friends at Bike Ypsi for a casual ride on the border to border trail (or as we like to call it – the brewery to brewery trail!)

10am – depart Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in Ypsilanti.

All ages and fitness levels are welcome. The ride will take most people somewhere between 45 and 75 minutes.

11ish – grab brunch at Arbor Brewing Company Brewpub in Ann Arbor

After brunch we’ll ride back to the Microbrewery and relax in the beer garden with a pint of our brand new B2B Trail Ale.

There is no charge or purchase required to participate.


Longest Day Of The Year Ride

Longest Day Of The Year Ride

Bike Ypsi Longest (Day) Ride Of The Year Ride – Sunday, June 21st8pm – Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (Norris at Forest in Ypsilanti) – A very casual paced ride celebrating the Summer solstice and the longest day of the year. This hour-long (at most) ride has a route that will take us to though the summer-quiet campus of Eastern Michigan University and a loop around St. Joes Hospital on the Border To Border Trail. Ride cancelled if raining at start time. Questions? Contact Bob at And remember, six months from now (in December) you will only be dreaming of riding your bike in shorts and daylight at 8pm!

Bike Repair Day at University Townhouses in Ann Arbor

The fabulous siblings Jonny and Sara Lennon are bringing back the Bike Repair Day event for it’s fourth time at University Townhouses in Ann Arbor.
This is an event that gets kids and families more familiar and confident with the maintenance and workings of their bikes, teaches helmet and road safety, and is always a fun day.
In the past they have had volunteers for bike repair, washing and decorating bikes (which FLY will be helping with this year), help with running games and races for the kids, and general directing of people and events. and we need as many volunteers as we can get!
The event will take place on July 25th and will run from 10-1 or so, and we would need volunteers from 9 to 2 or any time in there that works! Feel free to email with questions or anything, but let us know as soon as possible if you would like to help with this event!!


Women's 100(KM) Ride

Women’s 100(KM) Ride

Some of the Bike Ypsi women will be joining with thousands of other women around the world to ride a metric century (63 miles) on Sunday, July 26, 2015.

Want to join us? If so, consider coming out for some of our shorter training rides (25-30 miles). Information on training rides can be found on our Google Calendar (Bike Ypsi) and on Facebook. We hope to have a couple more training rides with longer miles leading up to the big day!

More info on the Rapha initiative is here: Feel free to add your name and email to be counted!

Those of us leading these events have an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified on these rides. Our goal is not to exclude but rather to build the presence of traditionally underrepresented groups in cycling.

We haven’t finalized many of the details yet as I’ve been trying to collect information on who wants to ride and at what pace. Right now, it looks like it will be a small group that we may split into 2 with a group leaving at 7:30 and a group leaving at 9:00am from Recreation Park (Congress and Oakwood) in Ypsi. The early group will be slow, at 11mph (ish) average. The later group will average more like 15mph. There is no official signup and no specific qualifications, riders should have good experience biking and have ridden a 40+ miler before attempting this. We will stay in groups so as to share the work and make it a social ride, but all riders should be self sufficient, including a tuned up road bike, equipment for changing flats, and be carrying food, water, phone, etc. I hope to make SAG and rest stop refreshments available, but haven’t ironed that out yet!

If you are interested in joining us, we’d love to have you! Here is a link to the FB we’ll be using to discuss details:

Ypsilanti Bike-Bus-Walk Week Activities 2015


May 10–16, 2015


Also know as national “Bike To Work Week”, this is a series of events geared towards getting people to try bicycling as not only a means of recreation, but transportation. Need to go to work? If possible, bike! Need to run an errand (be it to the library, a store, Post Office, etc.)? Try biking there! And the hope is if you try biking to a destination once, it may become a year-round healthy (and economical) habit.


All Week Activities
  • Free Coffee For Bicyclists – Beezys Café (20 North Washington Street) and the Wolverine Grill (228 West Michigan Avenue) in downtown Ypsi will offer free small coffee to anyone who rides and brings in their bike helmet during Bike-Bus-Walk Week.
  • Bicycling & Walking Information – Literature rack display of handouts, Border To Border Trail maps at Ypsilanti Cycle, 116 West Michigan Avenue – Sponsored by the City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Committee.
  • Ghost Bikes – Week-long display of white “ghost” bikes where cyclists have been hit in Ypsilanti. Visit for locations. Meant to be a simple message to motorists and bicyclists to “share the road” with courtesy to each other. Sponsored by the City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee.


Sunday, May 10th – Bike Ypsi Sunday Ride

1pm, Recreation Park, Oakwood and Congress. This Bike Ypsi ride is held year-round, every Sunday at 1pm. Ride is moderate paced and lasts about an hour or two, depending on who is riding and where they vote to go.


Wednesday, May 13 – Slow Roll Ypsi

7pm start time. This is a slow paced, very casual ride, around an hour long, in quiet Ypsilanti neighborhoods and the Border To Border Trail while at the same time keeping the route as flat as possible. Meet at Recreation Park, Congress at Oakwood Streets in Ypsilanti. Sponsored by Bike Ypsi.

Thursday, May 14, – Basic Biking Talk
7pm, Library Plaza Park (229 West Michigan Avenue, east of the downtown library). Did you know that 25% of all trips are made within a mile of our homes and 40% within two miles of our home? Bicycling can be more than just a hobby; it can be a great form of transportation. Learn to navigate in busy urban areas safely and legally and basic maintenance (change a flat tire, basic bike checks). Free. In case of rain, the talk will be held indoors next door at B-24s Café. Sponsored by Bike Ypsi ( and the City of Ypsilanti Non-Motorized Advisory Committee

Friday, May 15 – Bike To Work Day Comes To Ypsilanti!
Consider biking or walking to work or for errands in Ypsilanti! This one-day of the year is dedicated to getting people on bikes so give it a try. If you are walking or bike riding to work or for errands in Ypsilanti May 15th, stop by the Bike To Work Day booth in front of Beezy’s Café, 20 N. Washington Avenue from 7am to 10am for biking/walking information, maps and free coffee/snacks. For those needing to go to Ann Arbor, join the Bike Ypsi group commute ride to Ann Arbor promptly at 7:30 from Beezys (come earlier for breakfast – Beezys opens at 7am and they can cook fast). Groups will plan to stop at bike commuter stations set up around Ann Arbor where snacks and refreshments will be available (commuter station locations can be viewed at

Saturday, May 16 – Healthy Kids Day – Bike Repair & Bike Rodeo
10am to 2pm – Estabrook Elementary School, 1555 W. Cross Street in Ypsilanti. Volunteer bike mechanics will help get your bike ready for riding. Clean your bike until it shines at the washing stations. Complete the Bike Rodeo Skills Course and get a helmet and a bike bell ($5 donation appreciated – limited number of helmets/bells). Fun, games and healthy snacks all during the event. For further information, or to volunteer, contact Sponsored by Common Cycle (, the Ann Arbor YMCA ( and Safe Kids of Huron Valley ( Volunteers also needed for this event! Please contact Ian (ianogden1124& or Jim ( if you can help (no bike experience required – just that you like to help kids!)


More activities, including walks, posted on the Bike Bus Walk Ypsi website –