UPDATE: Taco Tour Twelve Results are In!
1240 tacos, 213 Choco-tacos, untold beer and drinks. 2035 miles were ridden by at least 215 cyclists. And, now, let’s have a drum-roll…:
Best Meat – Dos Hermanos Market Ypsi
Best Vegetarian – La Fiesta Mexicana
Most votes overall – Fiesta Mexicana
2nd vegetarian was Tmaz Taqueria, 3rd was La Torre Taqueria Restaurant
2nd Meat was La Torre, 3rd was Taqueria La Marqueza.
2nd Overall was La Torre
THANK YOU to ALL of the taquerias that participated!
THANK YOU to ALL the folks who came out and rode with us! THANK YOU to all of the volunteers (guides, SAG, pre-event, post-event).
THANK YOU to Go Ice Cream, Cultivate Coffee & TapHouse, and Linen Ray Music!
THANK YOU to Taco Tom for making this event happen. Without you we would never be so full of deliciousness. 🙂
Don’t forget to tag your pics! #tacotourypsi12 #bikeypsi #tacotour2019

Semper Taco!





Join us again for the twelfth iteration of Bike Ypsi’s Taco Tour as we roll out  to devour the best tacos of our environs! The best indeed! Only locally owned, only traditional tacos!


Three ride options exist for your choosing: 


1- The Townie, a five-mile trip to three taquerias, a visit to Go! Ice Cream for a Choco-Taco, and finish at Cultivate Tap house for liquid refreshment. 


2- The Traditional Ride, a 15-mile trip with six tacos, a visit to Go! Ice Cream for a Choco-Taco, and finish at Cultivate Tap house for liquid refreshment. 


3- The Torture Tour (for the total taco experience), 25-mile trip with nine tacos, a visit to Go! Ice Cream for a Choco-Taco, and finish at Cultivate Tap house for liquid refreshment.


The taquerias comprise the best local taquerias for you to sample. These small (perhaps unknown to you) locations provide traditional tacos for your enjoyment. Come discover some hidden gems in Ypsilanti.


Go! Ice Cream makes a once a year treat the “Choco-Taco,” just for us. It is their house-made dairy-free chocolate sorbet, in a taco/waffle shell, dressed with a chocolate glaze, dusted cocoa nibs and chili spice!  This cold confection is so full of flavor you won’t want to miss it.


Cultivate Coffee and Tap House supplies us with an incredible beer selection in Ypsilanti and at reduced prices for this event. Your first beverage is included in your registration cost. Beverage choices include coffee or tea drinks, beer from their extensive tap list, and a special drink just for the Tour, a summertime mixed drink called the Bicicletta. 


Oh and did we mention music? TBD band at Cultivate, playing from 4:30 pm until 6:30 pm.


There is swag too! You will receive a custom embroidered badge with the Taco Tour logo to put on your bike bag, backpack, favorite flannel shirt, or just to put in your hand.


Shirts in limited sizes will be available at an extra cost.  Pint glasses will be available at $3 apiece.


Here are the essentials:


September 15, 2019 Sunday. Rides begin at noon, last all afternoon and finish about 4-5 with music and beverages afterward.


Start: Frog Island parking lot, 699 Rice Street. Parking also available at the River street lot, entrance just north of the old train depot.  Sign-in and departure behind the Ypsi Freight house.


Finish: Cultivate Coffee and Tap House  307 N. River Street. (note parking is insufficient here, use Frog Island lot, only one block away.)


Sign-in and group assignment starts at 11:00 am day of event, Sunday September 15th.


Torture rolls out at 12 noon. Note: earlier start than past years.


Traditional leaves 12:15 pm.  Note: earlier start than prior years.


Townie leaves at 1:00 pm.


These rides are social, not racing, not training (except for the taco eating part). 


Pick the ride corresponding to your appetite, not your best mileage.


Voting for best taco will be for the stops on the Traditional ride, sorry, no voting for Townie riders.




Townie: 5-6 miles in Ypsilanti, 3 tacos, 1 Choco-Taco, 1 embroidered badge, 1 beverage. $25.00.


Traditional: 15-17 miles starting in Ypsilanti looping to Platt Rd in Ann Arbor and back. 6 tacos, (7 taquerias to choose from, additional taco tickets can be purchased from ride guides during event), 1 Choco-Taco, 1 embroidered badge, 1 beverage.  $30.00.


Torture: 25-30 miles (not the Torture part), 9 tacos (can you handle that many?), plus a 1 Choco-Taco, 1 embroidered badge, and a 1 beverage. Honestly, the miles are not enough for the tacos, you should skip breakfast!  This is not so much for serious riders as for serious eaters! $35.00


Extra Tokens: 

Hungry riders can obtain extra taco tokens for $2.00 apiece from their ride guides. 

Those with a sweet-tooth can get an extra Choco-Taco token at $4.00.

Kids who are riding with a supervising full purchase adult can use just taco tokens at $2.00 each, Choco-Taco token at $4.00. 




by mail.  (Be early, as this event always fills up.)


Mail your information and check (payable to Tom Lennon) to:


Tom Lennon

1110 Sweet Road

Ypsilanti MI 48198


And yes, I know it’s retro. If you don’t have a checking account, you surely have a friend with an account who wants to ride.




-Name of each rider and their choice of:

-Ride event (Townie, Traditional, Torture)

-Meat or Vegan option (this helps taquerias prep)

-Extra Taco tokens for kids riding with adult $2 each, Choc-Taco $4.

-check for the full amount.

-email address so we can confirm your registration.


Questions?? email Tom.  “tom at taco tom dot net”