8/21/2018: Update: Taco Tour Registration is full. Looking forward to seeing you all in September!

Before Tacos were hip, Ypsilanti had tacos. Before cycling was cool, Bike Ypsi was riding. Now you can do both in one event.  Ride your bike and enjoy tacos with like-minded folk.


Join us again for the eleventh iteration of Bike Ypsi’s Taco Tour on Sunday, September 16, as we roll out again to devour the best tacos of our environs!


Three ride options exist for your choosing:


  1. The Townie, a 5 mile ride, to visit 3 taquerias, and capped by a visit to Go! Ice Cream for a Choco-Taco, and finish at Cultivate Tap house where you will get a Taco Tour pint glass to keep and a free beverage to fill it with. Departs at 1:00pm. $25
  2. Your next choice is the Traditional, which is 15-17 miles of riding, starting in Ypsilanti, looping to Platt Rd in Ann arbor and back. Six tacos, (7 taquerias to choose from), then a Choco-Taco, 1 pint glass, 1 beverage at Cultivate.  Opportunity to vote for the best tacos from these taquerias! Departs at 12:15pm. $30
  3. Lastly, the Torture for the total taco experience: 30 miles (which is not the Torture part) 9 tacos (can you handle that?) plus a Choco-Taco, a pint glass and a beverage at Cultivate. Honestly, the miles are not enough for the tacos, you should skip breakfast!  This is not so much for serious riders as for serious eaters! Departs at 12:00pm. $35


The taquerias comprise the best local options, for you to sample. These small, sometimes unknown, locations provide traditional tacos for your enjoyment. Come discover some hidden gems in the greater Ypsilanti area.


Go! Ice Cream makes a once a year treat, the Choco-Taco just for us. It is their house-made dairy-free chocolate sorbet, in a taco/waffle shell, dressed with a chocolate glaze and dusted with chili spice!  This cold confection is so full of flavor you won’t want to miss it!


Cultivate Coffee and Tap House supplies us with an incredible beer selection in Ypsilanti at reduced prices for this event. Your first beer (or coffee or tea) is included in your registration cost. You will be able to get additional beer pours in the Garden at only $5 apiece.


Did we mention music? Cultivate has lined up a great band, Jive Colossus, playing from 4:30 pm until 6:30 pm.


Oh, there is swag too. You will receive a custom pint glass with the Taco Tour logo with which to contain your beverage and to take home when done.


Shirts will be available at an extra cost.  Order by 8-20-18 and you can get one, in your size, at $15 apiece. There will also be some extras available to purchase at the event. See the images below!



Here are the essentials:


September 16, 2018 Sunday, registration begins at 11:00am. Departure times for each ride listed above. Rides last all afternoon and finish about 4-5pm, with music and beverages afterward.


Start: Frog Island parking lot, 699 Rice Street. Behind the Ypsi Freight house.


Finish: Cultivate Coffee & Tap House  307 N. River Street. (note parking is insufficient here, use Frog Island lot, only 1.5 blocks away.)



The very hungry, taco-curious riders can obtain extra taco tokens from their ride guides for $2 apiece, or a Choco-Taco token at $4.


Kids who are riding with a supervising full-purchase adult can use just taco tokens at $2 each, Choco-Taco token at $4.


These rides are social, not racing, not training (except for the taco eating part).



Registration: by mail.

8/21/2018: Update: Taco Tour Registration is full. Looking forward to seeing you all in September!




-Name of each rider and their choice of:

-Ride event (Townie, Traditional, Torture)

-Meat or Vegan option (this helps taquerias prep)

-Shirt is $15 extra, include size if you want to pre-order. S,M,L, XL in Men or Women (see mockup images below!)

-Extra Taco tokens (also available during event) $2 each, Choc-Taco $4.

-check for the full amount.

-email address so we can confirm your registration.

– made payable to Tom Lennon


Questions?? email Tom.  “tom at taco tom dot net”