Sunday, September 17th
Depot Town, Ypsilanti
Varied roll-out times, see below.


It’s Taco Tour time again!! This is now the Tenth Taco Tour and you are invited to join in the fun.


Tacos, bikes, beer, what more could you want?

How about a new taco? How about a real Taco truck? How about great beer?


Each ride will swing by GO! Ice Cream for a “Choco Taco.” The Choco Taco is an exclusive treat just for the Tour featuring dairy-free chocolate sorbet in a taco/waffle shell, dressed with chocolate glaze, dusted with chili spice!    


On the longer routes you will be served by a real Taco Truck.


Then, we will finish at Cultivate Coffee and Tap House to savor the best beer selection in Ypsilanti!!! The first beverage is included, and subsequent beer is $1 off! Coffee, tea and wine options also.


Here are this year’s choices:


Townie : $ 20.   6 MILES in Ypsilanti only

             3 tacos, 1 choco-taco, 1 custom bandanna, 1 beverage at Cultivate.


Traditional : $30.   17 MILES starting in Ypsi and looping to Platt Road and back

              6 tacos, 1 choco-taco, 1 custom bandanna, 1 beverage at Cultivate.


Torture : $35.    30 MILES starting in Ypsi and looping to west Ann Arbor and back

              9 tacos, 1 choco-taco, 1 custom bandanna, 1 beverage at Cultivate.


The really Hungry Riders can get extra taco tokens for $2 apiece, the Choco-taco token is $3.50


Kids who ride with a supervising adult can use extra taco tokens at $2 apiece without buying the full package.  Extra Bandanna is $5.


As is the custom, mail your check to:


Taco Tom

1110 Sweet Road

Ypsilanti, MI  48198


And, please indicate whether you wish meat or vegan tacos (helps vendor preparation), ride distance (Townie, Traditional, Torture) and any extra tokens desired. Make check payable to Tom Lennon.


First come, first served. We can take only 200 riders.


Important !!!

Our start and finish are different this year.

New Starting Point:  Frog Island parking lot. 699  Rice Street.

New Finish – Cultivate Coffee and Tap House. 307 N. River Street.

These are both in Depot Town, only a block apart. Please park cars at Frog Island, as River street parking is inadequate.


Sign-in and group assignment for event begins at 11:30 day of event, Sunday, September 17th.

Park at Frog Island, sign-in, and join your group, ride and enjoy!


Torture Tour rolls out at 12:30

Traditional rolls out at 1pm  

Townie rolls out at 1:15


Questions? Email Taco Tom at tom at tacotom dot net