Another September, another Taco Tour.


Thanks to everyone that volunteered, everyone that rode, the wonderful taquerias of the Greater Ypsilanti Metropolitan Area (of which there are never enough), and Corner Brewery for putting up with us taking over their front yard and street and parking lots, and then leaving sweaty butt prints on all their chairs afterward.  All in all, we hope everyone had a good time – we certainly did.


Additionally, a BIG thanks to Taco Tom, whose brilliant idea, tenacity, labor, love for tacos, bikes, and Ypsi, make it what it is.  An event like this is a labor of love, and there’s plenty of labor involved for something that’s a volunteer-run, just barely-cover-costs-of-Tshirts-and-pint-glasses-and-tacos kind of event.  Next time you see him out and about, buy him a beer or something (he likes IPAs, fwiw).  🙂


“But who won?” you’re probably wondering…  Before getting to that, some stats:

  • Total riders: 216.  That’s just bonkers for this dinky little town in Michigan.  It comes to about 1300 tacos. Every year seems to get bigger, and this one was no exception.
  • We launched 9 groups from the start (7 Traditional, 1 Torture, 1 Townie), so about 25 per group – as you probably discovered, it’s sometimes tough to keep a group of 25 together on the road, what with stop lights and all.  And when 25 people descend on a taqueria all at once, well, the line easily goes out the door, and around the corner.  The logistics get tougher as it gets bigger, particularly for the taquerias and the Ride Guides. There’s always a solution, but hopefully people understand why registration has to be cut off at some point.


Oh, and if you liked something you had, but can’t remember the place, hopefully you can find that perfect taco again – here’s the list:

La Casita

Chela’s (torture tour only)

Dos Hermanos (mercado)

Fiesta Mexicana


Mi Compadre (torture tour only)

La Marqueza

TMaz Taqueria

Taqueria la Torre


Finally, the results of the voting…

  • Best Meat:  Papas (potato) con Chorizo at Fiesta Mexicana
  • Best Veggie:  Avocado at Maiz
  • Best overall:  Fiesta Mexicana